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Car town tools, tips, cheats

Developed by CIE Games for Facebook, Car Town deviates from the norm of games in Facebook that are mostly all about farming, cooking up food, and training your mob to become pro-Mafia. In short, Car Town brings a fresh look on Facebook gaming. CIE Games is earning income in two ways from this game: 1) Premium service from Car Town players and; 2) Car manufacturers that advertise their brand on Car Town.

The game's incredibly simple: Collect, connect, and race. Best of all - you get your own garage. Kidding. The game dons a free-to-play model while offering premium services like premium cars, premium accessories, speeding up in-game services and the like. So if you want that premium car with that custom paint job so bad, unfortunately you'll have to shell out a couple of bucks for it.

Anyway, you've landed in this page looking for Car Town cheats, hacks and tips. I have Car Town cheats right here that would work with the help of the famous Cheat Engine program for Facebook. Car Town cheats/Car Town Hacks below:

Download here:
Download car town cheat HERE (4.4MB)
Download car town cheat HERE (4.4MB)


Cheat Engine v5.6.1
Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
Car Town account
A friend to race with


1. Open Cheat Engine v5.6.1 and your Car Town account;
2. Click on the computer icon on the Cheat Engine and find Firefox.exe. On the Cheat Engine, go to the icon which looks like a computer with a magnifying glass (upper left portion) and open it. Select "plugin.container.exe" and enable Speed Hack v0.5;
3. Here's where your friend comes in: Challenge a friend to a practice run;
4. Click Scan first then input the score you want to acquire (probably 9999) on the Cheat Engine;
5. Go to Car Town, click on Practice Again but do not race yet. Change the score value box on the Cheat Engine to 0 (where you put 9999 previously) and click on Next Scan or perform a new scan;
6. Double-click the icon on the left side of the Cheat Engine and it will go down to the lower box. Click on the last value you'll see, change it to your desired score, then click on the small box;
7. After doing #6, go back to Car Town and start the race with your friend. Be sure not to foul the race/to win the race because even if you max out your desired score on the Cheat Engine (9999), you'll just have the maximum score allowed on your car's HP on the race results page;
8. See your score max out and be astounded.

I also found some Car Town tips on the web. It's a downloadable which I think is in .pdf format (Adobe). I haven't verified it yet, but you can. Car Town tips download link below:

Download HERE Car Town Tips (523KB)
Download HERE Car Town Tips (523KB)

I hope you enjoyed my post.